Welcome to the PyBossa.js Documentation

PyBossa.JS is an open source library for the PyBossa crowd-sourcing framework. PyBossa is designed to distribute tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence (e.g. image classification, transcription, information location etc).

PyBossa.JS simplifies the access to the PyBossa API providing several public methods that will get and submit a task for a given project in PyBossa.

User Guide

This section covers how to use PyBossa.JS from the perspective of a PyBossa end-user such as:

  • Creators and managers of a specific PyBossa microtasking project: getting a task and saving the answer from the volunteers in the data base.

We suggest starting by taking a quick look at the overview of the PyBossa system as this will introduce you to a few pieces of terminology and help you understand how things fit together.

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